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  • Fernie & the Elk Valley - Image by Nick Nault
  • Spring Montane hike
  • Views of Fernie and the Elk River looking east
  • Old Growth Trail at Island Lake Lodge
  • Historic Downtown Fernie
  • The Fernie Court House built in 1909
  • Balloons & Ice Cream!
  • Annex Park
  • Fernie Golf & Country Club
  • Historic Downtown Fernie
  • Snowy Historic Downtown Fernie
  • Fernie Court House
  • Epic views from all over.
  • Snowshoeing around Fernie BC
  • Annex Park from above
  • Local wildlife, deer
  • Fernie Alpine Resort
  • Fernie Alpine Resort Village in Evening

Fernie is a true mountain community, revelling in Mother Nature's delights.

Fernie has a thriving cultural scene, the enthusiasm of a vibrant youthful population and a scenic, tranquil location in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Located in south-eastern British Columbia, Canada (maps), Fernie is a 3-hour drive west from Calgary, Alberta, 11-hour drive east from Vancouver and a 2-hour drive north from Kalispell, Montana USA.

We have been inviting visitors to come enjoy Fernie ever since 1919 when the Tourism Association of Southern Alberta and Southeast British Columbia was founded to promote Fernie and the Crow’s Nest Pass as a Rocky Mountain destination. The opening of Snow Valley Ski Development, a locally owned company, in January 1963 and Fernie’s bid for the 1968 Winter Olympics helped lay the foundation for today’s Fernie Alpine Resort.

Visitors to Fernie often describe their Fernie experience as authentic. Perhaps it’s our century-old downtown and rich history. Perhaps it’s our pristine natural environment. Or maybe it’s our friendly, down-to-earth community. Visitors would say it’s all three, really. Because we work hard, we play hard too- come and join us and you'll fall in love with Fernie too.

What is Fernie?

Cool, small-town charm: Fernie’s funky main street with its turn-of-the-century brick buildings framed by postcard-perfect mountains provides this rugged and unpolished little town with a unique charm.

Mountain culture: From the pick-up trucks and mountain bikes that travel its streets, to the ski bums and guide shops that line them, Fernie’s distinct mountain culture is evident at almost every turn.

Stunning scenery: Fernie is a magnificent outdoor setting from which to experience the beauty and majesty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Authentic and real: Fernie is a casual, comfortable, and laid-back place where a local community still thrives. A community first, destination second, Fernie is not a packaged experience for the mass tourist.

Adventurous and outdoorsy: Fernie is a place where adventure seekers, mountain enthusiasts, and outdoor recreationists of all kinds come to experience the stunning natural surroundings and range of outdoor activities.

Euphoric: Fernie is an escape from the hurried pace of everyday life. It provides euphoric experiences to its visitors and residents through unique moments of anticipation, achievement and the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Down-to-earth: Fernie’s people are humble, honest, natural, and welcoming with a resiliency that stems from their hard-working roots.

Enduring history: Fernie has a rich history that is alive and thriving to this day.

Community-minded: Fernie’s people work together for the betterment of their town, its residents and its visitors. They take pride in their community and welcome visitors who share their values.

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  • Fernie Facts & Info
    • Founded in 1898, incorporated in 1904
    • Year round population 5,200
    • Town elevation 1,010m/3,314ft
    • Polar Peak elevation (highest commercially accessed point, at Fernie Alpine Resort) 2134m/7050ft
    • Fernie temperate mountain climate consists of four distinct seasons
    • Fernie's time zone is Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7), summer (UTC-6) for MDT
    • Located in the Kootenay Region in the South-Eastern corner of British Columbia, Canada.
    • Approx 1000km East of Vancouver BC, 300km South-West of Calgary, Alberta and 188km North of Kalispell, Montana