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With over a hundred trails spread across five mountain areas, it's easy to get overwhelmed as to where to start your mountain biking adventure.

Community Updates

Trails are open in Fernie, please note that there are trail guidelines to follow, also watch this PinkBike video. For the best up-to-date local trail information please visit Trailforks - Fernie.

Fernie, BC Summer Hiking & Biking Trail Map 2022

We've collaborated with local bike specialists to share some of our favourite trail combinations. If you are a Trail Forks app user, click on the routes to find them. With the App, you'll be able to quickly locate the trailhead and track your position and progress.

Class 1 pedal-assisted e-mountain bikes are welcome to use the multi-use bike trails. Please be mindful and courteous when overtaking other trail users.

Mountain biking is an adventure sport much like skiing or snowboarding. Our community-built and maintained trail network has been graded in a similar fashion starting with the easiest labelled as green; through to blue, black, and black double diamond. Trails are shared by hikers, trailer runners, and dog walkers and can be bi-directional in some places. Please be safe out there, ride trails within your ability, and be courteous to other users.

Novice Rider 

These routes are ideal for riders wanting to build their confidence on a mountain bike. These trails are perfect whether this is your first time riding a mountain, or a seasoned rider wanting to work on new skills.

Cemetery Trail Loop is a friendly teaser to riding in Fernie. If mountain biking was a three-course meal, this is the appetizer of choice to get you into the swing of things. If after this loop you're feeling confident and your stoke level is running high, then head further towards Montane for more challenge. Maybe try GearHub Sports recommendation below.

Distance: 1.2km 

Climbing: 59m

Duration: 30min 

The Inclusive Trail is a machine-built trail with a wide and buff out and back route to the Montane Hut. Expect a gradual climb a few wide, open switchbacks along the way. Great tip - pack in a bite to eat for when you get to hut. It's a perfect spot to stop for lunch.

Distance: 7km return 

Climbing: 120m

Duration: 60min 

The Lazy Lizard is accessible from the Fernie Provincial Park, where you'll ascend up to the beautiful Island Lake Lodge. Once there, relax and take in the views with a well-earned cold beverage before negotiating the fun downhill through smooth flowing berms back to the bottom. This trail is all about what mountain biking in Fernie is about, pure fun!

Distance: 7km /14km (One Way/Return)

Climbing: 548m

Duration: 2hr

Intermediate Rider 

As an intermediate rider, you're confident on Green and Blue trails, and perhaps challenging yourself with some Black trails. These trails involve more intensive climbs but reward you with faster and steeper descents. Depending on how long you are wanting to ride, conquer these routes on their own, or one after each other. 

Swine Flu perfectly tacks onto the end of the 'Deadfall/Sidewinder' route (above) to extend your ride if you want to explore Mt. Proctor. Otherwise, it's another great stand-alone route and a true local favourite. The climb is more of a grind, but you'll be greeted with stunning views of Fernie at the top bench. Please be aware that cattle graze at the base of this trail, so, unfortunately, no dogs are allowed.

Distance: 7km (Loop)

Climbing: 402m

Duration: 1 - 1.5hrs 

Advanced Rider 

Advanced riders can happily ride any trail around Fernie, but take our advice and don't ignore the trails seen above just because they're listed as novice & intermediate. However, if you're looking to throw something hardcore into the mix, look no further. You will get air, and there will be some small to moderate-sized drops. These trails are the ones you'll be telling people back home about.

Guide's Hut Recommendation set you off over the west bridge into west Fernie. There are a couple of climbs up Mount Fernie before you're rewarded with some fast, twisty runs down Dem Bones, and Red Sonya.

Distance: 13km (Loop)

Climbing: 788m

Duration:  2.5hrs

S-Bomb ventures higher up Mount Fernie Provincial Park. It's a tough climb, but you won't regret it once you've finished the long snakey descent through roots and steep berms. Afterwards, if your heart is for screaming for more, Project 9 (read on below) is just a short pedal up Island Lake Road.

Distance: 8km (One Way)

Climbing: 647m

Duration: 2.5hrs (loop from town)

Project 9 is a great way to finish off an S-Bomb route if you're legs are feeling up for the task. This one-way loop runs clockwise starting halfway up Island Lake Lodge Road. Don't let the steep climb up the 4x4 road dishearten you as your efforts are rewarded on the descent. Watch out for trail forks off on the way down. Each of the multiple routes runs parallel to each other and do eventually converge towards the bottom.

Distance: 7km (One Way)

Climbing: 401m

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs (loop from town)

Straight Line's Recommendation takes us up Castle Mountain approaching from the Montane Trails where you'll catch an occasional view of the majestic Castle Rock. Have a good look, because that is where we're pedalling towards. Keep your head up and remember to take in the epic view of the Lizard Range from the vista points on the way.

Distance: 14km (Complete Loop)

Climbing: 1030m

Duration: 2 - 3 hrs from town

Trail to Ale Course is a bonus route created by Fernie Brewing Company. You'll be riding down three local favourite trails on three different mountains; Swine Flu, Hyper Ventilation, and Project 9. If you do all three within 24 hours with photographic proof, Fernie Brewing Company will provide the post-ride beer you have so definitely earned. Click on the trail link for more details.

Distance: 45km (Complete Loop)

Climbing: 1200m

Duration: 6-8hrs

This list is by no means conclusive, and there are plenty more to discover just by going out end exploring. If you have your own favourite Fernie route, we'd love you to share it with us on Facebook

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