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  • Fatbiking Red Sonja | Rider: Javier Martinez

Get the most of your day riding Fernie's trail network by checking into the latest Fernie Trails Conditions.

Fat biking season is typically December - March annually depending on snow conditions.

Trail information updates are community-fed by current riders on the trails. Please follow trail etiquette and respect any trail closures. You can also get additional trail insight on Fernie's Fatbike Facebook Group

Access and use of most trails in Fernie are free but need your support for on-going winter grooming and maintenance by donating to the local trail groups who manage them, please donate as follows:

Be sensitive to the snow beneath you and avoid riding when the trails are extremely soft and slushy. Not only is it's a lot of extra effort for you as a rider, but it also leaves deep trenches on the trail, making it tougher for the next fat biker. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) ask that you only ride when you are not leaving a groove deeper than one inch. If there is a firmer part of the trail, ride there.

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Please respect all trail closures.

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